Content Schedule Incoming

First off, an apology. My key objective for this blog was to keep myself occupied while I was unemployed. As it turns out, unemployment didn’t last very long, and I’m now in my third week of work back the The Student Room (so really I’m entitled to neglect this, I shouldn’t even be sorry). It’s great to be back, but getting being out of the house from 7am until 7pm has eaten up the bulk of any writing time I have.

That being said, I really am keen to keep this going so I figured I’d motivate myself by putting up a schedule of planned content so it remains at least semi regular. I’m going to add that to the homepage so anybody who is reading this (apparently some people actually are reading this according to the stats, to my surprise) can keep track of what’s coming. 

Next up will be my long overdue comparison of the Sennheiser HD25 and V Moda M80. It’s something that I’ve been writing and rewriting over the course of the year and never got around to finishing. It’s now almost in a state I’m happy with, I just need to put some finishing touches to my thoughts on sounds quality (spoiler alert: both are great). Check out the homepage for what else is coming.

See you Sunday, promise.


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