A (not-so) small introduction

I started writing this entry imagining it would consist of a couple of hundred words signing off with a witty aside, and it’s grown to be a lot larger than that. An omen of things to come. Objective one: learn to reign in my ramblings.

I’ve been promising myself I’d start this project for about six months now, and as it turns out leaving one’s job makes for a fantastic motivator to spend money you don’t have on shiny things to tell other people about.

So, an introduction is in order while I work on my first real pieces of content. I’m Adam, a 22 year old guy flitting between Brighton and Birmingham here in merry old England. My love affair with technology started five years ago, when I spent my first ever pay packet on a second generation iPod Touch and marvelled at having a web browser in my pocket. The rest, as they say, is history. In a rather clichéd fashion my remaining teenage years were spent in the same way most teenage boys of our generation were, moving between the increasingly exciting world of the internet and my Xbox. I enjoyed my gadgets and things, but never got really passionate about them as I took my first swing at university.

That didn’t stick, however, and in the process of preparing for my second stab at university in January life I stumbled upon The Student Room, a UK based student forum, and after getting my student finance queries addressed I found myself encamped in the Technology and Computers sub forum. It is over the next few months that my knowledge and passion for all things geeky began to grow, until it got to the point where I was helping other people with their questions and providing purchasing advice. Finally last August I even found myself being appointed Section Moderator. This has opened up some awesome doors for me, getting to attend press events for the likes of EA and receiving early review copies of some of last years big games like Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3. It was the coverage that I provided that got me thinking about a writing platform of my own, and here it is finally materialising.

So anyway, what will this blog actually be?

First and foremost, if you hadn’t guessed, it will be technology reviews and stories. I’m not going to attempt fully blown news coverage, there are bigger and better sites out there that will get more news to you and quicker. This is more of a soap box, ranging from meticulous product reviews, off-the-cuff musings on announcements and reveals, to incoherent rants about things that annoy me (The Xbox One has graciously provided me with a lot of fodder for this). Hopefully it will be more of the former two and less of the latter, I daresay I’m not witty enough to make angry tirades witty enough for them to be consistently entertaining!

My writings will predominantly cover headphones, smartphones, video games, the PC industry and developments out of Apple and Google. You know, the niche topics you can’t find anything about anywhere else on the internet. Headphone reviews occupy the bulk of my planned content, alongside purchasing guides for the aforementioned topics and impromptu entries on whatever news stories catch my eye on any given day. I’m also hoping to write about my endeavours in the fields of building my first PC and attempting to teach myself the basics of coding, the presence of which will be dictated by the availability of cash for the former and time/patience for the latter. To be quite honest I have no idea where this is going to go, but if I didn’t force myself to make a start with this off-the-cuff rambling I don’t think I ever would.

I’m really selling it, aren’t I?


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